Siliguri also commonly known as Shiliguri sits in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by tea gardens and wildlife sanctuary. Siliguri is a metropolitan city and 2nd largest city in the northeast Indian state of West Bengal. It is also the commercial capital of the region.


Due to its location and surrounding Himalayan region, the temperature of Siliguri is moderate.At peak 28℃ to Low 3 ℃.During Summers the temperature of Siliguri rises up to 35℃ and Humidity 80%. However, the cool breeze flowing from mighty Himalayas relief people and keeps the temperature low and tenuous. Siliguri tourism sees reaches its peak, Visitors all over the world coming to enjoy holidays. June traces the coming of the monsoon in Siliguri, among the three major season. On average 200 mm of rain per day on the month June and July. During Winters Siliguri gets covered with dense fog and light rains. Starting from November to the first week of March.

How to Reach

There are three ways to reach Siliguri 

By Airplane/Flight - Bagdogra Airport, (IATA- IXB, ICAO- VEBD) is situated 45kms away, 30 mins drive from Siliguri in Bus, Taxi, and Cab. Flights from Major cities in India are available as well as connected flights are available across the globe. Daily flights, as well as alternate day flights, are available.

By Train - There are Premium, Luxury as well as non-ac (local) trains available from Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati on regular basis as well as alternate day interval trains available to Metropolitan cities across India.

By Road - From Kolkata, Assam, Bihar busses are available daily to reach Siliguri as well as people can swap buses to reach siliguri from far distances.

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